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A test of building the same app into containers 4 ways

I decided to see what the resulting image size for several methods of building the same java image (in this case a demo java app) were.

Here are the resuling size:

Method Resulted Size Added to Base - Size of Jar = Total Layer added Time to Build
base image 627MB - - - -
dockerfile.demo.single 736MB 109MB 17MB 102MB 41.692s
packer.demo.build 718MB 91MB 17MB 74MB 54.691s
dockerfile.demo.multi 645MB 18MB 17MB 1MB 39.781s
dockerfile.demo.prebuild 645MB 18MB 17MB 1MB 6.619s
packer.demo.prebuild 645MB 18MB 17MB 1MB 9.946s
demo.maven.spotify 645MB 18MB 17MB 1MB 59.813s

The layers for each:


Layer Command SIZE
f059b56620bc ENTRYPOINT [“java” “-jar”… 0B
e41a83f92361 VOLUME [/tmp] 0B
2aa068673e6b WORKDIR /app 0B
85541b1a1325 rm -rf /workspace/app 0B
05d3a8954a30 cp -r target/restservice-0.0.1-SN… 17.7MB
15067c23e548 mkdir -p /app 0B
181f1d68525f ./mvnw package verify 90.5MB
a511aabb16c2 COPY dir:d642341a3926b5dea… 3.2kB
d98bf234f58a COPY file:952070ce0d79b50d… 1.4kB
cf6378b9efa7 COPY dir:20e83aadf99c4d107… 55.9kB
05d4425ffb07 COPY file:61803a078a81d61d… 10.1kB
ec03949916a6 WORKDIR /workspace/app 0B


Layer Command SIZE
8a6cffefd553   90.5MB


Layer Command SIZE
9e704c46e232 ENTRYPOINT [“java” “-jar”… 0B
df0194c67082 COPY file:67d1c9b0af867f35… 17.7MB
33b90871b563 ARG DEPENDENCY=/workspace… 0B
812251c5bc83 VOLUME [/tmp] 0B


Layer Command SIZE
758c98cdb525 ENTRYPOINT [“java” “-jar”… 0B
41e9939f68fe VOLUME [/tmp] 0B
ee9879c307d3 WORKDIR /app 0B
aee2644911fe COPY file:6801256a937fba1b… 17.7MB
5a7848f3921a mkdir -p /app 0B


Layer Command SIZE
0a2b05de8e04   17.7MB


Layer Command SIZE
eaaba6b37a75 ENTRYPOINT [“/usr/bin/jav… 0B
9f68489f85c5 ARG JAR_FILE 0B
2af6f0c76ecc ADD file:cd8316d66102483ab… 17.7MB

Looking at the results, It seems that even if you have a line in your Cotainer Definition file, be it Dockerfile or packer, there is still a leftover layer that increases the overall size of your image. This leftover layer contains all the data and instructions that occured in it that is part of the docker history protocol and allows you to roll back to a previous setp in the Docker setup.

Next up I will perform this with a Python/Flask application since it requires libraries as well in the image.

Method Resulted Size Added to Base Time to Build
python:3.8.5 882MB - -
ubuntu:20.04 73.9MB - -
dockerfile.ubuntu 393MB 319.1MB 44.786s
dockerfile.python 892MB 10MB 4.883s
packer.ubuntu 393MB 319.1MB 207.921
packer.python 892MB 10MB 7.921s

This one is pretty obvious the more complete the base image is, the less time it takes to build the final image. In this case using a larger base image that already has the base libraries and application installed for Python and Pip enables us to build a Docker image with our app running faster. However the Resulting Image can be much larger that if we took the time to build it ourselves. there are tradeoffs.

Overall it is clear that building with Native Dockerfiles is faster than packer, but compiled languages see a reduced overall build time by building them prior to installing the artifacts into the Docker image.

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